This is the Rules and Regulatons of this wikia if you break them then you might not be able to do really anything on this wikia so follow these rules the best you can.


this is a simple list of all the rules within this wikia, please follow all of these,or face a warning, or worse, A BAN

  • 1. FOLLOW ALL LAWS. if you do not follow this, we will have to give you a ban (and, at our descretion, a perma-ban)
  • 2.Be friendly. no one should feel left out here.
  • 3. If your in a bad mood (to put it best), then just ask us how we can chill you out. if you feel like not talking to anyone then please go to somewhere where you can relax. we don't want you to possibly break rule 2 by accident, do we?

This also includes all the normal wikia rules, which can be found here